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Business services

If you are looking for a reliable service to help with your bookkeeping and company secretarial services, then Graver & Co. is the right choice. With our help, it will enable your business to focus on other areas of business which eventually will allow you to grow and in turn become more profitable.



We can carry out a general bookkeeping service on as regular a basis as you may or may not require. We can take your incomplete records and carry out the bookkeeping to enable forms such as VAT returns etc., to be completed on a timely basis.

Self-assessment tax returns

We hope to take away the worry of completing your self-assessment tax return for you. We will complete your tax return, calculate any tax liability which may be due and inform you as appropriate and submit the return on your behalf.


Should the Inland Revenue decide to open an enquiry into your tax return, acting on your behalf, we can hopefully deal with any queries raised to bring the enquiry to a close as soon as possible.

Company secretarial services

We can help your company comply with the relevant Companies Act and keep all relevant paperwork up to date. Our service includes:

• Company formations

• Preparation, completion and filing of statutory returns

• Preparation of share certificates

• Preparation of Minutes as appropriate

• Maintenance of statutory company register

• Company searches

• Provision of registered office

Business start up

Setting up a business can appear daunting and like a leap into the unknown. At Graver & Co. we aim to help guide you through the process of registering with the Inland Revenue whether it be for your business as a sole trader, partnership or as a limited company.


When starting up your business we can provide the following


• Discuss the best vehicle for your business, whether it be sole trader, partnership or limited company

• Complete relevant forms to inform the Inland Revenue of commencement of self-employment and therefore help to avoid penalties

• If required prepare business plans and cash flow projections either for your own use or to obtain outside funding

• Carry out registration procedures with Companies House (see Company Secretarial Services)

• Advise on bookkeeping requirements

• Advise of relevant deadlines in order to avoid the potential of future penalties

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