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We provide a comprehensive range of accountancy and taxation services with the aim of easing the paperwork burdens thus enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your business, enabling you to hopefully grow and become more profitable.

Accounts preparation

Whether you are a self-employed individual, partnership, small business or small limited company we can complete accounts from incomplete records or your own completed day to day accounting records.


Accounts can be prepared for management purposes such as obtaining bank finance or for submission to Inland Revenue and to enable tax liabilities to be calculated at year end.

Business tax

We can complete relevant computations in order to calculate any business tax whether it be for a personal tax liability, partner’s tax liabilities or a limited company’s tax liability.


We also complete partnership and corporation tax returns and submit to the Inland Revenue on your behalf.


We can assist with all aspects of VAT from helping with the registration process through to dealing with Customs & Excise should they wish to carry out a visit to inspect the business records.


We can advise on VAT planning and administration. This can include completing the VAT return from records supplied or completing the accounting records from incomplete records in order for the VAT return to be completed.

Wages and payroll

We can provide a payroll bureau service for your business however many employees you might have. We currently provide payroll bureau services to over 100 companies with employees ranging from 1 to 50.


Our payroll service is tailored to your business needs and can be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis. Our payroll service includes:


• Calculation of tax and national insurance liabilities

• Detailed computerised payslips

• Completion of forms P45, P60 etc

• Completion of forms P11D etc

• Calculation of SSP and SMP

• Ensuring RTI responsibilities met

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Accounting services